Honda Civic EX Charging System Wiring Diagram The 1997 Honda Civic EX incorporates an Electric Load Detector (ELD) which measures load on the . ELD sends signal to ECM which controls the voltage regulator. Adjusting voltage needs allows ECM to reduce mechanical load on engine for better fuel economy. The inside uses 8 diodes to rectify current and 3 diodes to supply current to voltage regulator. voltage is controlled by a voltage regulator which is part of . The following wiring diagram apply for 1997 Honda Civic EX . The consists of: , indicator, electrical load detector, engine powertrain control module (ECM/EPM), relay, fuse, integrated control unit, starter and battery.

Get more information about 1997 Honda Civic EX Wiring Diagram here on the last page of the Civic starting and manual.

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