RG-6/U is a common type of (electrical with an inner conductor surrounded by a tubular insulating layer typically of a flexible material with a high dielectric constant) used in a wide variety of residential and commercial applications. RG-6 (which originally stand for Radio Guide) is used to refer to coaxial cables with an 18 AWG center conductor and 75 ohm characteristic impedance. RG-6 has many specifications: F6TSSV, F6TSSVcu, F6TVS, F6TVScu, F660BV, F660BVcu, F660BVF,F660BVM, F690BV, F690BVcu, F690BVF, F690BVM maximum range.

RCA Compression Connector is designed for terminating long RG6 coax runs, 6 color-coded bands included for field-configurable ID during installation.

RG6 to RCA Compression Connector installation procedures: rg6 coaxial cable to rca connector installation

  1. Using a 2-bladed stripping tool, strip the RG6 exposing 0.25 inch of the center conductor and remove the 0.25 inch of the outer insulation.
  2. Fold the braid back over the outer insulation.
  3. Then carefully insert the into the RCA compression connector until firmly seated.
  4. Finally, using a proper tool, compress the connector.

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