The RS-232 (Recommended Standard 232) is a standard for serial binary data signals connecting between a DTE (Data Terminal Equipment) and a DCE (Data Circuit-terminating Equipment). The RS232 standard describes a communication method where information is sent bit by bit on a physical channel.

Below links provides detail information about RS-232 Serial and :

  1., this page provides information about introduction to RS-232 specifications, bit streams, physical properties, and error detection.
  2., this page from contains detail information about RS-232 serial scope of standard, history, limitations, role in modern personal computers, voltage level, connectors, pinouts, signals and cables, RTS/CTS handshaking, 3-wire and 5-wire RS-232, signal rate selection, loopback testing, timing signals, secondary channel and related standards.
  3., included in this page explanation about RS-232 serial layout, S232 serial pin assignment, RS232 DB9 to DB25 converter, RS232 serial loopback test plugs, RS232 null modem cables, Spy / monitor , Serial printer cables, and Yost RS232 on RJ45 standard.

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