infiniti qx56 wiring diagram The 2005 Infiniti QX56 auto cruise control system features Intelligent Cruise Control (ICC) system which automatically maintains a selected distance from the vehicle ahead according to that vehicle’s speed, or at the set speed, if the road ahead is clear. The ICC function has two cruise control modes and brake assist (with preview function). The ICC system may AUTO-CANCEL for various reasons, for example, when the windshield wipers are operating.

The following file contains detail information regarding 2005 Infiniti QX56 Auto Cruise Control Wiring and System . The schematic diagram shows detail interconnection between the electronics component such as ICC unit (controls vehicle speed through via CAN communication), ICC sensor (irradiate laser beam, and receives reflected laser beam to measure distance from preceding vehicle), (transmits throttle position signal and ICC steering switch signal to ICC unit), actuator and electric unit (transmits wheel speed signal to ICC unit. Operates brake booster based on CAN communication).

Find more info about 2005 Infiniti QX56 Auto Cruise Control Wiring and System here – – free download PDF file.

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