Clarion APX280M 2-Channel Power Amplifier Wiring Diagram The Clarion APX280M is a full-featured two-channel amplifier featuring specially coated circuit boards, pulse-Width Modulated (PWM) MOSFET power supply for maximum performance with minimal distortion, advanced circuitry design featuring bridgeable and mixed mode operation for use in various system configurations, 2-ohm stereo stable, 4-ohm mono stable, gold-plated power, speaker, and RCA connectors.

The APX280M uses an unregulated MOSFET power supply for superior sound and output wattage. In addition, a toroid-coil is used to transfer power with minimal performance loss due to heat. To avoid unwanted noise, a double-sided conformal printed circuit board with strategically placed components keeps AM RFI subdued.

The following of Clarion APX280M 2-Channel Power System Amplifier in many application such as Bridged – Mono System, 2-Channel Full-Range, Satellite, or Stereo System, Mixed-Mode Satellite and System.

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