There are numerous manufacturers that supply direct and functionally equivalent devices under their own proprietary part numbers. Most of these numbers are also equivalent to military standard part numbers and part numbers initiated by the equipment manufacturers. Additionally, there is a proliferation of basically identical tools designated by various supplier part.

Electrical connecting devices consist of four (4) basic designs: Circular or cylindrical, Rectangular Coaxial, and Terminal/Splices (see below picture). Most connectors in use today utilize crimp, removable contacts for termination. These connectors are crimp removable or solderless connectors because the removable contacts have wires crimped or staked to them. These connectors consist of three (3) main components:
1. The shell, which is the main body of the ;
2. A rubber or plastic insert;
3. Removable metal contacts.

electrical connectors type

Well, the following link will redirect you to a subdirectory containing catalog and industrial product for electric power-supply connectors, plugs and sockets. Herein you will find detail information about electrical for transportation, waterproof electrical IP67, Electrical Contact, IEC electrical , electrical power cable, cylindrical electrical power , high-voltage , etc.

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