pontiac ECM wiring diagram The following file (PDF) contains wiring diagram and electrical schematic for 1990 Pontiac Grand Prix V6 3.1L engine control module (ECM), pin-out and connectors. The 1990 Pontiac Grand Prix 3.1L engine control module is designated to manage the engine control system such as adjusts the air/fuel mixture and utilizes a catalytic converter to minimize the amount of pollution produced from the engine. The ECM also monitors the input and output signals produced by various sensors in the systems which includes vehicle speed sensor, coolant level sensor, manifold air temperature sensor, measures air pressure sensor, coolant temperature sensor, oxygen sensor, fan control relay, etc.

Find more information about 1990 Pontiac Grand Prix 3.1L Wiring Diagram for ECM Pin-out and Connectors here – free download PDF file from americauto.ru

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