headphone amplifier circuit diagram The following circuit diagram shows detail electrical schematic for high quality unit amplifier. This circuit diagram consists of a log potentiometer, resistor, polyester capacitor, electrolytic capacitor, ceramic capacitor, low noise dual op-amp, NPN and audio input socket. This amplifier can be directly connected to , tuners and tape recorders.

Here is a detail technical data of the device:
Output voltage: Well above 5V RMS into all loads
Sensitivity: 250mV input for 5V RMS output
Frequency response: Flat from 30Hz to 20KHz
Total harmonic distortion @ 1KHz & 10KHz:
Below 0.005% into 32 Ohm loads and up to 4V RMS output (typical 0.003%)
Total harmonic distortion @ 1KHz & 10KHz:
Below 0.005% into 100 to 2000 Ohm loads and up to 5V RMS output (typical 0.003%).

Find more information about Circuit Diagram for Amplifier here – source: www.redcircuits.com

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