Sanyo Air Conditioners and Heat Pump Electrical Wiring Diagram This electrical and electronics circuit schematic apply for Sanyo through the wall air conditioners & heat pump including following models STB0810C1, STB0811C1, STB1010C1, STB1023C1, STB1020C1, STB1123C1, STB1220C1, STB0823H1. Herein you will find also detail information about service, troubleshooting and testing procedures for power cord, motor capacitor, winding, compressor motor winding, thermistor, electric heater, blower wheel, evaporator, condenser, propeller fan, and . Here is a quotation from the manual:

Checking Winding
Referring to the electrical diagram, disconnect connectors, and measure the resistance between each lead wire with a multimeter. The multimeter should be set in the X1 range. If the is hot, allow a few minutes until it gets cooled down. When the resistance between each lead wire are those listed in "2-2. Major Component Specifications" the should be normal.

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