The Isuzu Trooper starting/ cranking system consists of a , starter, starter switch, starter , plunger, pinion clutch, magnetic switch, pull in coil, etc. and these main components are connected as shown in Figure. For details of the starting circuit and .

isuzu trooper starting circuit wiring diagram

isuzu trooper starting system electrical circuitThe Trooper starting system employs a magnetic type reduction starter in which the motor shaft is also used as a pinion shaft. When the starter switch is turned on, the contacts of magnetic switch are closed, and the armature rotates. At the same time, the plunger is attracted, and the pinion is pushed forward by the shift lever to mesh with ring gear. Then, the ring gear runs to start the engine. When the engine starts and the starter switch is turned off,the plunger returns, the pinion is disengaged from ring gear, and the armature stops rotation. When the engine speed is higher than the pinion, the pinion idles, so that the armature is not driven. (click image to enlarge)

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