The (below picture) used on 2002 Jeep WG Grand Cherokee 4.7L replaces both  the electric fan and the engine driven mechanical fan. The hydraulic cooling fan is integral to the fan shroud and is located between the radiator and the engine. The pump supplies the hydraulic fluid and pressure to rotate the cooling fan blade, while the electrical part of the fan is controlled by the JTEC.

Grand Cherokee 4.7L Radiator Fan Schematic

Hydraulic Radiator Cooling Fan and Fan Drive:
1. fluid cooler; 2. Radiator;
3. High pressure line from steering gear pump to motor; 4. motor;
5. High pressure line from motor to steering gear; 6. Fan shroud

The drive (motor) consists of the three major following components: Steering flow , Fan , and Two stage G-rotor hydraulic drive. The and drive is not serviceable. Therefore any failure of the fan blade, drive or fan shroud requires replacement of the fan module because the fan blade and drive are matched and balanced as a system and servicing either separately would disrupt this balance.

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