dodge dakota radio receiver schematic The 2000 Dodge Dakota standard equipment includes an AM/FM/cassette (RAS sales code) receiver, and speakers in four locations. The uses an ignition switched source of battery current so that the system will only operate when the ignition is in the On or Accessory positions. The includes the following components: 1. Antenna; 2. Clockspring (with remote radio switches only); 3. High-line Central Timer Module (CTM) (with remote radio switches); 4. Power amplifier (with premium system only); 5. Radio noise suppression components; 6. Radio receiver; 7. Remote radio switches (optional with RAZ radio receiver only); 8. Speakers

The following article discuss 2000 Dodge Dakota , Radio, , Antenna, and Power Amplifier. Herein you will get detail description of operation of mentioned parts plus radio noise suppression; diagnosis and testing for , radio receiver, remote radio , , power amplifier, antenna and radio frequency interference; removal and installation and special tools.

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