The following article discuss the audio system, and of 1997 Dodge Caravan series. Herein you will find detail information about general information/ introduction to the audio system, description and operation of choke – infinity speakers, interference elimination, relay, ignition interference, diagnosis and testing of , extension cable, mast and cable lead, D-Pillar , instrument panel , , tape and CD-player.

Some components used on the vehicles are equipped with a capacitor to suppress frequency interference/static. Capacitors are mounted in various locations internal to the generator, instrument cluster and windshield wiper motor. To eliminate interference, ground straps are used in different areas of the vehicle. These ground circuits should be securely tightened to assure good metal to metal contact.

The ground straps conduct very small high frequency electrical signals to ground and require clean surface contact area. The ground is supplied from the instrument panel harness and is attached to the rear of the . Some engines have other ground straps to eliminate further interference:
chassis to instrument panel structure
– Engine to dash panel
– Engine to chassis
– A/C valve to dash panel
resistance type spark plug cables in the high tension circuit of the ignition system complete the interference suppression.

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