The 2007 Mercury Mountaineer Passenger Compartment Panel is located below the instrument panel on the driver’s side. To remove a use the puller tool provided on the panel box. If electrical components in the
vehicle are not working, a may have blown. Blown fuses are identified by a broken wire within the . Check the appropriate fuses before replacing any electrical components. Below table outlines detail Mountaineer Fuses Location and its related circuit protected.

mountaineer fuse panel diagram 

2007 Mercury Mountaineer Passenger Compartment Panel Diagram and Circuit Protected

/Relay Location Amp Rating Circuit Protected
1 20A Moonroof, Adjustable pedals, DSM, Memory lumbar motor
2 5A Microcontroller power (SJB)
3 20A
4 20A OBD II
5 5A Moonroof
6 20A Liftglass release motor, Door unlock/lock
7 15A Trailer stop/turn
8 15A Ignition switch power, PATS
9 2A 6R TCM/PCM (Ignition RUN/START), Fuel pump relay
10 5A Front wiper RUN/ACC relay in PDB
11 5A start
12 5A Rear wiper motor RUN/ACC, Trailer battery charge relay in PDB,
13 15A Heated mirror, Rear defrost indicator
14 20A Horn
15 10A Reverse lamps
16 10A Trailer reverse lamps
17 10A RCM, PAD lamp, OCS module
18 10A Reverse park aid, IVD switch, IVD, AWD module, Heated seat switches, Compass, Electrochromatic mirror, AUX climate control
19 Not used
20 10A Manual climate, DEATC, Brake shift
21 Not used
22 15A Brake switch, Stop lamps, Turn lamps
23 15A Power mirrors, Interior lamps, Puddle lamps, Battery saver, Instrument illumination, Homelink
24 2A Cluster, Theft LED
25 15A Trailer park, Trailer electronic brake module
26 15A License plate/rear park lamp, Front park lamps, Manual climate
27 15A Tricolor stop
28 10A Manual/DEATC
CB1 25A Windows

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