nissan armada wiring diagram The following article discuss 2009 Nissan Armada , Body Control Electrical and Control System. The Body Control Module controls the various electrical components. It inputs the information required to the control from CAN communication and the signal received from each switch and sensor. It has combination switch reading function for reading the operation status of combination switches (light, turn signal, wiper and ) in addition to a function for controlling the operation of various electrical components. It also has the signal transmission function as the passed point of signal and the power consumption control function that reduces the power consumption with the ignition switch OFF.

The Nissan Armada Control System controls following functions: combination switch reading system, signal buffer system, power consumption control system, auto light system, turn signal and hazard warning lamp system, headlamp, front fog lamp, daytime running light system, interior room lamp control system, step lamp system, interior room lamp battery saver system, front wiper and system, warning chime system, door lock system, Nissan anti-theft system, vehicle security, ear window defogger, power window system, tire pressure monitoring system, system and , combination switch.

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