The following article is part of 2000 Dodge Durango workshop manual. Herein you will find detail information regarding Dodge Durango Audio System service and troubleshooting including Receiver, System, Power Amplifier and .

dodge durango audio system The standard equipment audio system for 2000 Dodge Durango includes an AM/FM/cassette (RAS sales code) receiver, and speakers in four locations. Several combinations of receivers and systems are offered as optional equipment on this model. The audio system uses an ignition switched source of battery current so that the system will only operate when the ignition switch is in the On or Accessory positions.

The audio system includes the following components:
- Clockspring (with remote switches only)
- High-line Central Timer Module (CTM) (with remote switches)
- Power amplifier (with premium system only)
- noise suppression components
- receiver
- Remote switches (optional with RAZ receiver only)
- Speakers

Herein you will find also description, operation, diagnostic, testing, removal and installation of the audio system, receiver, remote switch, system, power amplifier, , noise suppression.

Find more information about Dodge Durango Audio System Amplifier and here – free download PDF file source:


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