The Daewoo Matiz is a city car produced by the South Korean automaker GM Daewoo that has been marketed worldwide since 1998. The following diagram shows 2003 Daewoo Matiz Brake System schematic for non ABS system. daewoo matiz brake system schematic diagram


1. Power Booster
2. Power Booster Boot
3. Cotter Pin
4. Clevis
5. Clevis Pin
6. Packing
7. Spacer
8. Master Cylinder Assembly
9. Fluid Reservoir Assembly
10. Reservoir Cap
11. Reservoir
12. Grommet Seal
13. Master Cylinder
14. Proportioning Valve
15. Stoplamp Switch
16. Brake Pedal Assembly
17. Clutch Pedal Spring
18. Pedal Bracket Assembly
19. Clutch Pedal Pad
20. Clutch Pedal
21. Cushion
22. Bushing
23. Retaining Ring
24. Spring
25. Brake Pedal Pad
26. Brake Pedal
27. Brake Pedal Spring
28. Accelator Pedal Pad
29. Accelator Pedal
30. Rear Drum Brake Hose
31. E Ring
32. Front Disc Brake Hose
33. Brake Hose Coupling Bolt
34. Plain Washer

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