The following ignition system wiring diagram apply for 2002 Aprilia RSV Mille series.

Aprilia RSV Mille Ignition Wiring Diagram


A) Intake pressure sensor
1) Electronic unit
2) Camshaft position sensor
3) Throttle valve potentiometer
4) Intake pressure sensor
5) Coolant thermistor
6) Air thermistor
7) Fall sensor
9) Clutch control lever switch
10) Neutral gear switch
15) Fuel pump relay
18) Battery

21) Driving shaft position sensor
23) Rear cylinder coil “1”
24) Rear cylinder coil “2”
25) Front cylinder coil “1”
26) Front cylinder coil “2”
30) Ignition switch
44) Front cylinder injector
45) Rear cylinder injector
52) Fuel pump
68) TEST connectors
70) Side stand switch

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