honda goldwing gl1200 wiring diagram The following and electrical troubleshooting manual apply for 1985 Honda Goldwing GL1200 series. This manual divides the into individual circuit schematics. Each circuit schematic is followed by pictures/ illustration that shows the location of components on the motorcycle. Complicated circuits also include a description on how the circuit works and .

Within each schematic, all switches, sensors and relays are shown at ‘rest’ as if the ignition switch were off. Each circuit schematic shows all the electrical component that work together in that circuit. In addition, the schematics are arranged to show current flow from positive, at the top of the page, to negative, at the bottom of the page. All wires, connectors, switches, and loads, are shown in the top-to-bottom arrangement of current flow.

Circuit Index

Automatic level control
Brake lights
Charging system
Computerized fuel injection
Coolant temperature gauge
Cornering lights
Cruise control
Electronic travel computer
Fuel pump
Fuel gauge
Ground distribution
Hazard lights
Instrument panel
License plate lights
Oil pressure warning system
Parking lights
Position lights
Power distribution
Radiator fan
Ride and level control
Side marker lights
Starting system
Trunk light
Turn signal lights

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