The Dodge Ram front is located in the Power Distribution Center (PDC) in the engine compartment of the vehicle. The front is a conventional International Standards Organization (ISO) (see below picture). Relays conforming to the ISO specifications have common physical dimensions, current capacities, terminal patterns, and terminal functions. The is contained within a small, rectangular, molded plastic housing and is connected to all of the required inputs and outputs by five integral male spade-type terminals Dodge Ram 1500 2500 3500 Fog Lamp Relay Diagramthat extend from the bottom of the base. The front cannot be adjusted or repaired and, if faulty or damaged, the unit must be replaced. The following picture shows the Dodge Ram front diagram:

30 – Common Feed
85 – Coil Ground
86 – Coil Battery
87 – Normally Open
87A – Normally Closed

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