Featuring drives 4? and 8? loads, single supply operation, compact 7-lead TO-220 package, wide supply range 9V – 40V, internal thermal protection, internal gain  resistors (AV = 34 dB), the LM4752 is a stereo audio application circuit of Stereo Audio Power Amplifier 11W using LM4752amplifier capable of delivering 11W per channel of continuous average output power to a 4? load, or 7W per channel into 8? using a single 24V supply at 10% THD+N. This stereo audio amplifier is applied mostly in multimedia speakers, stereo TVs, Mini component stereos, and compact stereos.

The following article (well actually datasheet) contains detail information about LM4752 Stereo 11W Audio Power Amplifier description, illustration, schematics and circuit diagrams, specification, key features, application, connection diagrams, absolute maximum ratings, operating ratings, electrical characteristics, test circuit, equivalent schematic diagram, system application circuit, external components description, typical performance characteristics and physical dimension. Here is a quotation from the LM4752 datasheet:

“Proper PC board layout is essential for good circuit performance. When laying out a PC board for an audio power amplifier, particular attention must be paid to the routing of the output signal ground returns relative to the input signal and bias capacitor grounds. To prevent any ground loops, the ground returns for the output signals should be routed separately and brought together at the supply ground.”

Find more about Stereo Audio Power Amplifier 11W using LM4752 here – 22 pages of PDF filetype. (source: national.com). Find also other application you might be looking for.

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LM4752 Stereo 11W Audio Power Amplifier Datasheet – www.national.com

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