The 2002 Jeep Wrangler TJ available with factory-installed receivers include jeep wrangler tj audi amplifier choke and relay an AM/FM/cassette (RAS sales code) and an AM/FM/CD/3-band graphic equalizer (RBR sales code). All factory-installed receivers are stereo Electronically Tuned Radios (ETR), and include an electronic digital clock function.

The following article discuss detail information regarding Jeep Wrangler TJ Audio, , Speaker and its Amplifier system service and troubleshooting. This covers description, removal, installation, diagnosis, troubleshooting and testing of the , amplifier choke and relay, amplified subwoofer, body and cable, , noise suppression ground and strap, sound bar and speaker.

The amplifier choke and relay is used to control the supply of fused battery current to the front door speaker-mounted dual amplifiers. The speaker relay is energized by a fused 12 volt output from the receiver whenever the is turned on. The wiring information includes wiring diagrams, proper wire and connector repair procedures, details of wire harness routing and retention, connector pin-out information and location views for the various wire harness connectors, splices
and grounds.

Find more information about 2002 Jeep Wrangler TJ Audio Amplifier Speaker Service and Troubleshooting here – 13 pages of PDF filetype. ( Find other article related to .

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