The Land Rover 300TDi is a 4 cylinder, water cooled, turbocharged diesel engine with a capacity of 2.5 litres. The cast iron cylinder block is integral with the crankcase and incorporates direct bored cylinders. The crankshaft is carried in 5 main bearings, end-float being controlled by thrust washers which is positioned on both sides of the centre main bearing. The following diagram shows the cylinder block, piston and camshaft of Land Rover 300TDi diesel engine which is applied to Land Rover Discovery, Land Rover Defender, Range Rover Classic 2005 series.

300 TDi Diesel Engine Diagram


1. Top compression ring
2. 2nd compression ring
3. Oil control ring
4. Piston
5. Gudgeon pin circlips
6. Gudgeon pin
7. Connecting rod
8. Brake servo vacuum pump gasket
9. Core plug
10. Connecting rod bolt
11. Big-end bearing shell
12. Push rod
13. Cam follower slide
14. Roller
15. Cam follower guide
16. Guide retaining bolt
17. Dipstick
18. Dipstick tube
19. Dipstick tube bolt


20. camshaft
21. Oil jet tube
22. Drive pin
23. Camshaft thrust plate
24. Camshaft bearings
25. Main bearing shell
26. Baffle plate
27. Core plugs
28. Oil pressure switch
29. Thermostatic valve assembly
30. Oil filter head
31. Fuel lift pump
32. Fuel lift pump gasket
33. Spacer – if fitted
34. Brake servo vacuum pump
35. Crankcase breather pipe
36. Oil filter head gasket
37. Baffle plate gasket
38. Oil filter element

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