The Suzuki GSX-R1100 generator features a solid state regulator that is mounted inside the generator. All regulator components are enclosed into a solid mold, and this unit is attached to the brush holder frame. The regulator voltage setting cannot be adjusted. The following diagram shows you the GSX-R1100 generator.

Two brushes carry current through the two slip rings to the coil mounted on the . The windings are assembled on the inside of a laminated core that forms part of the generator housing. A rectifier bridge connected to the windings contains six diodes, and electrically changes the A.C. voltage to a D.C. voltage which appears at the generator output terminals. Below diagrams shows you the GSX-R1100 generator electrical schematic and circuit diagram.

Suzuki GSX-R1100 Charging System Diagram 

2. coil
3. coil

4. Slip ring
5. Brush

6. IC regulator
7. Brush holder

suzuki gsxr1100 generator electrical circuit

B: Battery terminal IG: Ignition terminal F: coil terminal E: Ground

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