The Mazda 626 was an automobile mazda 626 wiring diagramproduced by Mazda. The 626 replaced the 616/618 and RX-2 in 1979 and was sold through 2002.

The following electrical schematics apply to 1997 Mazda 626 Cruise Control System. A cruise control system maintains the driver’s desired set speed, without intervention from the driver, by actuating the throttle-accelerator pedal linkage. The automatically controls the rate of motion of a motor vehicle.  In this article you will find detail illustration of the 626 schematic diagram for its cruise control system which consists of brake switch connected to joint box containing stop and meter fuse 20A, cruise control main switch, data link connector, cruise control unit, engine control system, starting and charging system, cruise control actuator and instrument cluster.

Find the detail 1997 Mazda 626 Cruise Control System Electrical Schematic here. (source: Find also other you might be interested in.

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