The Citroën BX is a large family car that was produced by the French manufacturer Citroën between 1983 and 1994.

citroen bx wiring diagram The following body electrical system apply for Citroen BX. The body electrical system is of the 12 volt negative earth type and comprises a 12 volt battery of which the negative terminal is earthed, an alternator which is driven from the crankshaft pulley, a starter motor and related electrical accessories, components and wiring. This article covers following discussion: Central locking door solenoid unit – removal and refitting, Cigar lighter – removal and refitting, Clock – removal and refitting, Door courtesy and boot light switches – removal and refitting, Door-open warning panel – removal and refitting, Electrically-operated sunroof motor – removal and refitting, Electrically-operated window regulator units – removal and refitting, Electrically-operated window switches – removal and refitting, Exterior lights – removal, refitting and bulb renewal, Front fog light and mirror switches (BX 19 models) – removal and refitting, Fuses and relays – location and renewal, General information and precautions, Handbrake warning switch – removal and refitting, Headlamps – alignment, Horn – maintenance.

This article also covers: Instrument panel – removal and refitting, Instrument panel facia switches (later models) – removal and refitting, Interior lights – bulb renewal, Radio/cassette – removal and refitting, Remote control door locking system – component renewal, Rear window heater element – maintenance and repair, Rear window wiper motor, Speakers (standard), Speedometer cable – removal and refitting, Steering column switches – removal and refitting, Windscreen and rear window washer units, Windscreen wiper motor, Wiper arm, Wiper blade, and Wiring diagrams.

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