The Jeep Grand Cherokee is a mid-size unibody sport utility vehicle produced by the Jeep division of Chrysler. The ZJ models, manufactured from 1993 to 1998, originally came in three general trims, the Base, Laredo, and the Limited.

grand cherokee wiring diagram electrical schamatic The following article discuss the and air conditioning system of 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Here you will find detail description about service procedures, electrical system and specification of ZJ and air conditioning system. This article/manual is divided into six main sections as follows:

General Information, contains explanation about the air conditioning system, components description, cooling system, handling tubing and fittings, heater system, refrigerant, side window demisters, and system airflow. Both the heater and the heater/air conditioning systems share many of the same functioning components. This Group will deal with both systems together when component function is common and separately when they are not. The automatic temperature control (ATC) system diagnostics is dealt with separately.

System Diagnostic, contains description about A/C performance test, automatic temperature control diagnostic, electrical diagnostic, vibration and/or noise diagnosis, clutch coil test, , clutch inoperative, noise, condensate water drainage, electrical circuits, heater output test, high pressure relief valve, refrigerant system and vacuum control.

Refrigerant Service Procedures, this section provides information about Charging Refrigerant System, Discharging Refrigerant System, Evacuating Refrigerant System, High Discharge Pressure, Manifold Gauge Set Connections, Refrigerant Charge Check, Refrigerant Equipment, Refrigerant Leak Testing, Refrigerant Oil Level.

Service Procedures, here you will find brief explanation and illustration about the system, clutch and coil assembly, high relief valve, and manifold.

Climate Control System, contains detail information about the accumulator system, ambient air temperature sensor, and wheel, resistor, condenser, control panel, defrost duct, discharge line, evaporator core, heater core, high pressure cut-out switch, solar sensor, etc.

Find more about 1993 Jeep ZJ Grand Cherokee and Air Conditioning Electrical Circuit and Schematic here – 2.08 MB PDF file. (source:,

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