The following manual contains detail information about electrical troubleshooting, wiring diagram, cable harness routing and electrical schematics description of 1992 BMW 325i Convertible series.

bmw 325i convertible wiring diagram This electrical troubleshooting manual is divided into following sections: Index, How to Use the Wiring Diagram, Wire Size and Conversion Chart, Symbols, Systematic Troubleshooting, Connectors Views, Power Distribution Box, Fuse Data, Component Location Chart and Views, and Splice Location Views. Further breakdown, this manual covers topics on operation description and systematic troubleshooting for power distribution system, charge and starting system, electronics fuel injection system, SRS, Brake Warning System, ABS, Power Mirrors, Central Locking, Power Windows, Seats, Electro-Mechanical Convertible Top, Body Electrical System, Wiper and Washer, Instrument Cluster, etc.

All wiring between components is shown exactly as it exists in the vehicle; However the wiring is not drawn to scale. To aid in understanding the electrical operation, wiring inside complicated components has been simplified to solid state label designates electronic components.

More on 1992 BMW 325i Convertible Electrical Troubleshooting Manual, find here – 142 pages of PDF file.

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