The Honda Golding GL1100 is part of the big family of Honda Golding series. First released in 1979, Honda Golding GL1100 was made until 1983.

honda goldwing gl110 wiring diagram The following article which is part of a service manual discuss the and wiring diagram of Honda Goldwing GL1100. The consists of , charging and , lights, switches, instrument control and wiring diagram. You will find detail specification, service information, troubleshooting procedures and component testing of each parts mentioned above. Here is a quotation from the section:

“All the electrical components can be inspected on the motorcycle. The has one pulse generator and transistorized spark unit for each pair of cylinders. Current is sent through the ignition coil primary circuit by the spark unit as the pulse generator rotor tooth approaches the generator tooth. When the rotor tooth just passes the generator tooth the primary circuit is broken causing the primary coil flux to collapse and secondary coil voltage rapidly raise, firing the spark plugs. Dwell time is just 0.2 – 0.4 milliseconds.”

Find more information about Honda Goldwing GL1100 Wiring Diagram and – Harness and Schematics here on page 267 – 340 (source:,

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