The Eagle Talon and Plymouth Laser were sports coupe cars made by Diamond Star Motors a joint 50/50 corporate venture between Chrysler Corporation  and Mitsubishi Motors of Japan.

eagle talon electrical wiring diagram The following article discuss the of both Eagle Talon and Plymouth Laser 1990 model years. The consists of , ignition system, ignition timing control system, starter motor, fuse, fusible link, lighting system, relays, control unit and sensors. Here you can find also detail description of the junction block and its construction, auto cruise control system, automatic seat belt, automatic transaxle, headlight, heater and air conditioner, multi-point fuel injection system, other relays and control units, theft alarm system, etc.

Here is a quotation from the article:

“The main fusible links are the cartridge type and are directly mounted to the (+) terminal of the battery. The sub-fusible link in box is subdivided into seven electrical circuits, the sub-fusible links function to protect the circuits which is located in the box within the engine compartment.”

Find more information about 1990 Eagle Laser | Plymouth Talon Control and Sensor in the following service manual on page 53 – 85 (15.4 MB PDF file).

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