The Nissan Xterra is a compact SUV that was introduced to the Nissan lineup in 2000. This car has high points such as roomier than other SUVs in it’s class, the 4.0-liter V6 engine offers very good throttle response.

xterra wiper washer horn wiring diagram The following article discuss about the 2004 Xterra Wiper, Washer and Horn system for service and troubleshooting. Here you will find detail explanation and illustration of the front wiper and washer system description; wiring diagram; removal and installation of wiper arms, wiper motor and linkage; washer nozzle adjustment; washer tube layout; rear wiper and washer system description; power supply and ground; and horn wiring diagram. Here is a quotation from the article:

The front wiper switch is controlled by a lever built into the combination switch. There are two front wiper switch positions: LO Speed and HI Speed. With the ignition switch in the ON or START position, power is supplied through a 20A fuse to front wiper terminal.

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