The Mitsubishi FTO, is a front engined, front-wheel drive coupe produced by Mitsubishi Motors between 1994 and 2000. FTO stands for “Fresh Touring Origination”.

mitsubishi FTO electricalwiringdiagram This Electrical Manual contains information necessary for inspection and servicing of electrical wiring of Mitsubishi FTO edited in the form of wiring harness configuration diagrams and function-separated circuit diagrams. This manual is divided into following sections:

How to Read the , this section provides detail information about composition and contents of wiring diagrams, how to read configuration diagram, how to read circuit diagram, marking for connector earthing, wire color codes and symbols.

Wiring Harness Configuration Diagrams, contains explanation about Connector locations and harness wiring configurations on actual vehicles are illustrated.

Single Pars Installation Position, this section describes locations for each point of relays, electronic control units, sensors, solenoids, solenoid valves, diodes, inspection connectors, spare connectors, fusible links, fuses, etc. In the part’s lists, parts are listed in alphabetical order.

Circuit Diagram, here you will find detail electrical circuits from power supply to earth are shown completely, classified according to system. There is a main division into power circuits, and circuits classified by system. The circuits classified by system also include operation and troubleshooting hints.

For each system, the circuits are shown from to earth, excluding the power supply sections. The standard operation of each system is briefly described, following the route of current. The troubleshooting hints is a brief explanation of the inspection points that serve as hints when troubleshooting. Explanations of the circuits controlled by the electronic control unit are omitted.

Download the detail manual of 1998 Mitsubishi FTO Electrical – Inspection and Servicing here. (source:,

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