The Daewoo Lacetti is a compact car made by the South Korean automaker GM Daewoo since 2002. The first generation Lacetti was available as a four-door sedan, a five-door hatchback or a five-door station wagon.

lacetti wiring diagram harness The following wiring diagram and electrical system schematic / circuit troubleshooting apply for Daewoo Lacetti 2004 model years for LHD series. In this manual you will find brief description and explanation about the entire electrical system. This manual is divided into following sections:

How to Use Electrical Wiring Diagram, this section describes instruction on how to read the electrical wiring diagram, circuit identification symbols, function of power supply line, wiring harness color identification, and how to check terminal number of connector. Download – 67KB PDF file.

Position of Connectors and Grounds, contains detail explanation about connector, ground and splice pack information. Here you will find detail illustration of wiring and harness of the instrument panel, body, front side of the car, engine system, battery, anti-lock brake system, ABS rear sensor, TCM, roof, trunk, drive and rear door, and air bag system. Download – 1.12MB PDF file.

Wiring Diagram for Power Supplies, contains detail information about ignition switch circuit, engine fuse block and relay circuit. Download – 350KB PDF file.

Usage and Capacity of Fuse in Fuse Block, describes detail information about engine room relay and fuse block, I.P fuse block, position of control unit, relay and part number. Download – 67KB PDF file.

Electrical Wiring Diagram, here you will find detail diagram, connector information (color and location) also connector identification symbol and PIN number position of starting and charging system, battery, ignition switch, starter motor, generator, PNP switch circuit, engine control module, fuel pump, injector, sensor circuit, radiator, air conditioner, cooling fan circuit, head lamp, etc. Download – 16MB PDF file.

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