The following article/manual contains detail information about heating and air conditioning system of Jeep XJ 2000 model years. Herein you will find 5 main heater and air conditioning system of Jeep xjsections, Description and Operation, Diagnosis and Testing, Service Procedures, Removal and Installation, Specification.

Description and Operation contains detail information about accumulator, blower motor, blower motor relay, compressor, compressor clutch relay, condenser, dual function high pressure switch, evaporator coil, heater and air conditioner, refrigerant, heater and air conditioner control, fixed orifice tube, heater core, high pressure cut off switch, refrigerant system service port, vacuum check valve, etc. Here is a quotation form this section:

The blower motor and blower wheel are located in the passenger side end of the heater-A/C housing, below the glove box, The blower motor controls the velocity of air flowing through the heater-A/C housing by spinning a squirrel cage-type blower wheel within the housing at the selected speed.

Find more information about 2000 Jeep XJ Heating and Air Conditioning System – Testing and Troubleshooting here – 48 pages of PDF file. (source:

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