The following article/manual contains detail description, explanation and illustration of Jeep XJ for 2000 model year. Here you will find brief overview of the , Starter Motor, and Starter Relay operation, diagnosis and testing starter motor for the 2.5L engine, removal/installation/cleaning and inspection of the starter motor and starter relay.

jeep cherokee xj starting system The Jeep Cherokee XJ is designed to provide the vehicle operator with a convenient, efficient and reliable means of cranking and starting the internal combustion engine used to power the vehicle and all of its accessories system. The Jeep Cherokee XJ includes the following components: battery, battery cables, clutch position pedal switch (for manual transmission), ignition switch, park/neutral position switch for automatic transmission, starter motor including the integral starter solenoid and starter relay.

The Jeep Cherokee XJ consist of two separate circuits. A high-ampere feed circuit that feeds the starter motor between 150 and 350 amperes of battery current, and low-ampere control circuit that operates on less than 20 amperes of battery current.

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