The Honda Prelude was a sports coupe produced by Japanese automaker Honda from 1978 (the first generation Prelude was released November 24, 1978) until 2001. The first generation of prelude was powered with a 1751 cc SOHC CVCC I4 engine that produced 72 hp (54 kW) and 94 lb·ft (127 Nm) of torque with a five-speed manual transmission, and 68 hp (51 kW) with a two-speed automatic called the Hondamatic.

honda prelude wiring diagram The following , electrical system schematics and circuit troubleshooting apply for Honda Prelude 1993 model years. The wiring diagrams and technical service bulletins, containing changes, are obtained from the domestic and import manufacturers. These are checked for accuracy and are all redrawn into a consistent format for easy use. All diagrams are arranged with the front of the vehicle at the left side of the first page and the rear of the vehicle at the right side of the last page. Accessories are shown near the end of the diagram. Components are shown in their approximate location on the vehicle. Due to the constantly increasing number of components on vehicles today, it is impossible to show exact locations.

Symbols (find/open here, 46KB PDF file), contains detail information about the Standard wiring symbols (circuit breaker, coil, connector, diode, defogger grid, fuse and fusible link, glow plug resistor, internal fuse, lamp, solenoid, motor, sensor, etc) being used on the diagrams, color code and wiring identification, also short description on how to use/read the .

L-Wiring Diagrams (find/open here – 1.47MB PDF file), contains detail diagram/schematics/circuit of the engine performance system.

System (open here and here – 1.78MB PDF file and 2.91MB PDF file respectively), outline detail illustration of cooling fan circuit diagram, defogger schematics, , power antenna, power door lock, power mirrors, power window, radio, starting and charging, transmission, wiper and washer circuit, ABS control unit, alternator, automatic transmission control unit, back-up light switch, battery, blower motor, brake fluid level switch, chime, cigarette lighter and , clutch interlock switch, combination switch, condenser fan , cruise control system, ignition coil, SRS fuse block, 4WS control unit, etc. (source:,

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