The following article is applicable for Toyota L, 2L, and 2L-T engine which is equipped on Toyota Cressida, Crown, Hiace, Hilux, Toyoace and BUV.

This article contains brief yet detail information about assembly, disassembly, repair, service and troubleshooting for Toyota L, 2L, 2L-T engine starting system. It covers following topics: Pre-heating engine, Troubleshooting, Starting System Circuit, Starter and Starter Relay. Here is a quotation from the article:

Glow Plug Inspection Procedures: Using an ohmmeter check that there is continuity between the glow plug terminal and ground, if there is no continuity replace the glow plug. Please note that be careful not to damage the glow plug pipes as it could cause an open circuit or shorten life of the plug, also avoid getting oil and gasoline on the glow plug when cleaning, be careful not to apply more than 7 volts to the glow plug as it could cause an open circuit.

In the troubleshooting section you will find some suggestion and instruction on how to handle problem such as engine does not crank, engine crank slowly, starter continuous to run, the starter spins but engine does not crank, etc

Find more about Toyota L, 2L, 2L-T Engine Starting System Relay and Circuit Diagram here – 1.7 MB PDF file. (source:

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