nissan xterra wiring diagramThe Nissan Xterra is a compact SUV based on the Nissan F-Alpha platform as of the 2005 model year.

This manual provides detail information about Nissan Xterra Wiring Diagram and Electrical System. The manual is divided into following sections:

Auto Cruise Control System,

Body Control System, this includes CAN communication control, BCM status control, power supply routing circuit, electrical units, super multiple junction, fuse block, fuse and fusible link box and relay box. The Body Control Module (BCM) has a combination switch reading function for reading the operation of combination switches (light, wiper washer, turn signal) in addition to the function for controlling the operation of various electrical components.

LAN System, provides information about precautions for Supplemental Restraint System, Trouble Diagnosis Work Flow (e.g. when a malfunction is detected by CAN communication system, and selecting CAN system type, etc), CAN System which includes system description, component parts and harness connector location, schematic and wiring diagram, combination meter, ECM/TCM circuit inspection, ABS actuator and electric unit.

Audio, Visual, Navigation and Telephone System, describes the system of the audio, navigation and telephone system, component parts and harness connector location, wiring diagram and trouble diagnosis, Terminals and Reference Value for Audio Unit (Base System), Audio Unit Self-Diagnosis Function, Power Supply Circuit Inspection, Removal and Installation for Audio Unit, etc.

Lighting System, provides detail information about system description and troubleshooting procedures for Headlamp, front fog lamps, turn signal and hazard warning lamp, stop lamp, backup lamp, parking lamp, rear combination lamp, interior lamp, illumination and bulb specifications.

Driver Information System, explains system description and troubleshooting of combination meter, warning lamps, A/T indicator, Warning Chime, Component Parts and Harness Connector Location, Circuit Diagram, Power Supply and Ground Circuit Inspection and Wiring Diagram.

Starting and Charging System, describes the system and troubleshooting procedures for starting and charging system, components and parts locations, wiring diagram, cable and harness routing, how to handle (removal and installation procedures) battery, starter and generator. For this model, the battery current sensor that is installed to the negative battery cable measures the charging/discharging current of the battery and performs various engine controls. If an electrical component is connected directly to the negative battery terminal, the current flowing through that component will not be measured by the battery current sensor.

Wiper, Washer and Horn, provides information about front wiper and washer system, low and hi speed wiper operation, trouble diagnosis, Components Parts and Harness Connector Location, Circuit and Wiring Diagram, Power Supply Routing Circuit, Rear Wiper and Washer System.

Power Supply, Ground and Circuit Elements,

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