The following , cable harness routing and apply for Kawasaki Motorcycle ZX250 1997 models. In this motorcycle all the electrical wires are either single-color or two-color.

This manual provides details of and exploded view, specifications, parts location, electrical wiring, battery (charging condition inspection), charging system (alternator cover removal and installation, stator coil removal and installation, alternator inspection, regulator/rectifier inspection), ignition system, starter motor (starter motor removal/installation, starter motor assembly and disassembly, brush inspection, commutator cleaning and inspection), lighting system, radiator fan system, meters and gauges, switches and sensors, junctions box, fuse and .

Kawasaki Ninja ZX250 1997 Specification

Maintenance Free Battery
12V 6Ah
12.6V or more
Charging System:
   Charger Voltage
   Alternator output voltage
   Stator coil resistance
Three-phase AC
14 – 15 V at 4000 rpm
25V or more at 4000 rpm
0.05 – 0.6 Ohm
Ignition System:
   Pickup coil resistance
   Spark plug gap
372 – 558 Ohm
0.7 – 0.8 mm
Electric Starter System:
   Carbon brush length
   Commutator diameter
7 mm
24 mm

Find more information about Kawasaki Ninja ZX250 , , here in section 15.

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