honda goldwing 1500 cable routing The following Audio System and Radio apply for Honda Gold Wing GL1500 1994 model year. Here you will find detail yet brief information about the audio system and radio service information, troubleshooting, speaker, muting/search switch, CB switch/Fader Control, Antenna, Radon and Cassette Deck, and CB Transceiver, and electrical schematics, cable and .

Note that before troubleshooting the audio system, check the following items: Check AM radio reception by tuning to an AM station known to have a strong signal; Check FM stereo station known to have a strong signal. If no strong FM stereo, signal is available, tune to your own voice by using an FM stereo microphone connected to the FM radio; Check that the cassette deck tape heads are clean; Listen to a cassette tape known to be good; Inspect the fuse inside the fuse box.

Find more information about Honda Gold Wing GL1500 Audio System Radio , Cable and here on page 538 – 562. (source:

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