This manual is intended to provide a guideline for installing the Controller system on your motorcycle. The Controller consolidates all of the electronic functions of a motorcycle (with the exception of instrumentation and engine management) into one, easy-to-hide system.

Motorcycle Electronic Harness Controller Controller system includes a self-diagnostic controller, un-terminated “fantail” harness, shrink tubing, and all necessary connectors, a comprehensive instruction and troubleshooting manual for a durable, professional installation.

The Controller (EHC) is designed to mount to the top frame tube between the gas tanks. The black plastic mounting base is molded to fit the tube radius and slotted to accept “zip tie” fasteners. The EHC snaps onto the mounting base via three mounting tabs so that the diagnostic instructions are visible with the dash removed.

Download the Motorcycle Controller Installation here – 3.5 MB PDF file. (

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    Speed 1254 kb/sMotorcycle Electronic Harness Controller Installation

   Speed 8987 kb/s[Verified] Motorcycle Electronic Harness Controller Installation

   Speed 2547 kb/sMotorcycle Electronic Harness Controller Installation Direct Download

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