AM FM MPX Radio with Stereo Cassette for Toyota Tacoma, Celica, Echo, Vitz and MR-S The following (AM/FM MPX Radio with Stereo Cassette
Tape Player and CD Player) and Components Manual apply for Toyota Tacoma, Celica, Echo|Vitz and MR-S. Here you will find detail features, specification, removal/installation, service and repair also troubleshooting procedures for the above vehicle’s .

This manual is divided into sections as follows: features, laser products, front view and functions, rear view and connectors, wiring connections, , terminals description, package and IC , alignment instructions, replacement parts list, exploded view, CD player parts, exploded view CD deck, tape player parts list, exploded view tape deck, and schematic diagram.

Find more information about Toyota AM/FM MPX Radio with Stereo Cassette Tape Player and CD Player here. (source:

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