Honda Grand Cherokee Radio Installation Guide and the Wire Harness The following article provides detail information and step-by-step guideline on how to replace and install a radio on Jeep Grand Cherokee (96 – 98) model. This article is divided into 5 sections which are Cover Page, Before You Begin, Remove and Install the Radio, Wire New Radio, and Mount New Radio. Here is a quotation from the article:

To replace the radio in this vehicle, you must remove the plastic dash panel surrounding the radio and instrument display. Locate the plastic dash panel that surrounds the air conditioner controls. With your hands, firmly but gently pull this panel until it unsnaps from the main dash. When you wire the radio, you are going to wire the radio just as you would for a standard radio that would be in this vehicle, but you are going to make one minor change to the new radios ground wire. The new radios ground wire is going to be plugged into the plastic connector that had originally been plugged into the rear of the Infinity radio. This connector is a ground wire to an “Infinity” amplifier which is located away from the radio.

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