Honda Civic Radio Installation Guide and the Wire Harness The following article describes replacement and installation guide, also wire harness and schematic of Honda Civic 1996 – 1998 model year. Here you will find detail overview of civic Installation procedures, parts needed for the installation, tools, and supplemental information (including basic DC electronics for automotive applications, wire splicing, testing wire and wire harness), etc.

Removing the in this vehicle requires removing lower dash panels on both the
drivers and passenger sides of the vehicle as well as the center console panel as seen in the photo above. Once this center console panel is removed, you will access to the hidden screws that secure the to the dash. Here is a quotation from the article on Wiring the New of Honda Civic.

The power and speaker wires needed to connect the new are attached to the connector of the wire harness located inside the vehicles dash. It is STRONGLY recommended to use an optional snap on wire harness that is specifically designed to snap into the vehicles dash wire harness connector. This will keep you from cutting the vehicles wires. This optional snap on wire harness will have wires on the opposite side of the connector that will allow you to splice these wires to the new radios wires. The only other option is to cut off the vehicles dash wire harness connector and splice the new radios wires directly to these wires. The optional snap on wire harness takes all the guess work out of trying to figure out what each wire is in the vehicles dash wire harness. The optional snap on wire harness shows you what each wire is.

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