• After 3 minutes, the test light should turn OFF or be DIMLY lit (depending on the electrical equipment). If the test light remains brightly lit do not disconnect it. Remove each fuse or circuit breaker (refer to Group 8 – Wiring Diagrams) until test light is either OFF or DIMLY lit. This will eliminate the higher amperage draw. If test light is still bright after disconnecting each fuse and circuit breaker, disconnect the wiring harness from the generator. Refer to Generator Testing in this group. Do not disconnect the test light. After higher amperage IOD has been corrected, low amperage IOD may be checked. It is now safe to install milliamp meter to check for low amperage IOD.
  • With test light still connected securely clamp an ammeter between battery negative terminal and negative battery cable. If the test light or the milliamp meter circuit is broken the Security alarm module will turn on parking lamps. Do not open any doors or turn on any electrical accessories with the test light disconnected or the meter may be damaged.
  • Disconnect test light. The current draw should not exceed 0.020 amp. If it exceeds 0.020 milliamps isolate each circuit by removing circuit breakers and fuses. The meter reading drops once the high current problem is found. Repair this section of the circuit, whether it is a wiring short or component failure.

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