Honda CB175/CL175 was produced during 1968 to 1975. The engine was basically the same as the CD175, although it had twin carburetors, a lumpier camshaft and an extra gear. Having 4 Stroke Air cooled Parallel, Single Over Head Cam engine, this motorcycle can produce 20 bhp.

How does Honda CB175/CL175 Transmission System work?

The transmission receives the rotary power from the crankshaft and through a series of gears, changes it to the desired speed and then transmits it to the drive sprocket to drive the real wheel. All the gears are fully constant meshed, assuring smooth gear change. The following diagram shows the detail parts and its location of Honda CB175 and CL175 Transmission System. It is consists of:

Honda CB175CL175 Transmission Sistem Diagram

1. 6304 HS ball bearing 2. Transmission Main Shaft 3. Main Shaft Top Gear 4. 20mm thrust washer A 5. 20mm cir-clip 6. Ball bearing set ring A 7. 8×152 stud 8. 10×14 knock pin 9. Main shaft shifting gear 10. Main shaft second gear 11. 15mm bearing bush A 12. Knock pin 13. 8x15x8 oil seal 14. 16mm bearing bush B 15. Knock pin 16. Counter shaft low gear 17. Counter shaft second gear 18. 20mm cir-clip 19. 20mm thrust washer A 20. Counter shaft fourth gear 21. Counter shaft third gear 22. Counter shaft top gear 23. 20x52x9 TC-type oil seal 24. Drive sprocket (16T) 25. Drive sprocket fixing plate 26. 6×10 hex. bolt 27. 10×14 knock pin 28. Transmission counter shaft.

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