Acura Electrical System Wiring Diagram Harness Cable Routing The following body electrical wiring diagram apply for Acura 3.5RL 1996 – 2004 model year. In this manual you will learn and find detail description of the entire car’s body electrical system, illustration of the components location and interconnection, and troubleshooting for electrical problems might happen during the operation of the car

What is inside the article ?

Description and list of special tools needed for electrical troubleshooting; Troubleshooting tips and precautions; Relay and control unit locations; Fuse/relay removal and installation; Power relays test; Battery test; Safety indicator; Lighting system; HID lamp system troubleshooting; Headlights; Taillights; Stereo Sound System; Audio unit terminals; Stereo amplifier removal; radio remote switch test; cigarette lighter; immobilizer system; multiplex control system; navigation system; power door and window system; and many more.

How to find the article ?

First extract the compressed file (you will find two different folder), choose the “1996 – 2004 service manual“; Find the PDF file named RL9604MAINIDX, then follow the link “Body Electrical“.

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