Photovoltaic Power System and Wiring Module Interconnection Photovoltaic (PV) is the field of technology and research related to the application of solar cells for energy by converting sunlight directly into electricity. The following Photovoltaic Power System manual is a suggested practices manual examines the requirements of the 2005 National Electrical Code (NEC) as they apply to photovoltaic (PV) power systems. In this manual you will get the design requirements for the balance-of-systems components in a PV system are addressed, including conductor selection and sizing, overcurrent protection device rating and location, and disconnect rating and location.

This manual is divided into sections which covers discussion on Photovoltaic Modules (including Modules Marking, Wiring, Module Interconnection, Tracking Modules, Terminals, Transition Wiring, Module Connection Access, Module Connectors, and Splices), Conductor Color Code, PV Array Ground-Fault Protection, PV Array Installation and Service, Grounding (including size of DC grounding electrode conductor, point of connection, charge controller, ungrounded system), Equipment Grounding, Inverter AC Outputs, Conductor Ampacity, Overcurrent Protection, Batteries, Generators, Charge Controller, Inverters, Stand Alone Distribution System, etc.

Copper conductors are recommended for almost all photovoltaic system wiring. Copper conductors have lower voltage drops and better resistance to corrosion than other types of comparably sized conductor materials. Aluminum or copper-clad aluminum wires can be used in certain applications, but the use of such cables is not recommended—particularly in dwellings. All wire sizes presented in this guide refer to copper conductors.

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