Home House Wiring Installation This article is intended to present ideas, discuss experiences, and generally assist those building or remodeling a house, who plan on installing low voltage wiring for audio, video, home automation, phone, and data communications. This article is divided into sections and subsections which are Introduction (contains Wiring Design Goals and Caveats, Information Sources, and Low-Voltage Wiring Related Web Sites), Audio System Design, General Features and Wiring Layouts, Wire Types and Sources (covers: Cable Ratings, Whole House Audio, Media Room Audio, Video Coaxial Cable, Phone and Data Cable, Wire Types and Cost Chart), Wire Routing and Installation, Miscellaneous Wiring Ideas, Surge Protection and Bridges, and Finishing the Installation.

The main thing to watch in routing low-voltage signal cable is avoiding high-voltage AC wiring. It is OK to cross low voltage signal and speaker wires at 90 degrees to electrical wiring (cross perpendicularly), but avoid running parallel and close to electrical wiring. This will cause noise in speakers (at low volumes) and could cause data errors in data lines.

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