BMW 325e Electrical Wiring Diagram and Harness Schematics The following electrical applies for BMW 325e 1985 model year. This manual provides detail information about the and of BMW 325e. Here, you can find also troubleshooting procedures and instruction to overcome any problems related to of the vehicle. This manual is divided into sections which covers discussion on ‘how to use the manual’, symbols, wire size conversion chart, systematic troubleshooting.

Wires, connectors, and switches are designed to conduct current with a minimum loss of voltage. A voltage drop of more than one volt indicates a problem. To test for voltage drop, connect the voltmeter leads to connectors at either end of the circuit’s suspected problem area. The positive lead should be connected to the connector closest to the power source. The voltmeter will show the voltage drop between these two points.

Find more information about BMW 325e Electrical in the following manual.

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